Welcome to Thomas Financial

Welcome to the new Thomas Financial website and thank you for allowing me to introduce you to some of our services.

We’re in business to serve. When I started this company nearly forty years ago, the first question a potential client asked me was “What can you do for me?”

To give a helpful answer I knew I had to listen carefully to what my client wanted and – just as carefully – to what he didn’t want. His time was too valuable for me to waste.

At Thomas Financial we’ve been listening ever since and, as you can see from our video testimonials, our clients believe we’re putting their time – and their money – to good use.

We listen because we recognize that we need to understand our clients’ individual circumstances and requirements fully before we can provide the tailor-made service they need. If it works for them, we know we’ll keep their business and grow our own.

That’s the philosophy we started with and it’s the philosophy that still guides us today.

Of course, in financial services a philosophy is no use without the intelligence, experience and professional strength to back it up. We may be good listeners but what matters to our clients is our ability to respond quickly and effectively. “Money never sleeps” was never truer: your situation may change overnight and our services don’t have to just keep up – they have to stay ahead of the game.

Because we work closely with you today we’re better able to prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. Your personal or corporate objectives become our objectives, too. That puts all our knowledge and networked buying power at your service.

Within this site you’ll find a summary of our services. As you can see, we specialize in sophisticated life insurance solutions for a variety of financial requirements, particularly as they affect the high net worth sector. Please feel free to use this link to get in touch with any questions you may have. I promise that getting you the answers you need will be our top priority. What’s more we’ll do it, “before the sun sets on Tampa Bay”.


Rick Thomas
Founder and CEO

Deep expertise

In-house or networked, our intellectual resources are devoted to just one purpose: winning your trust and earning it again every single day.

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Product innovation

Complex regulatory requirements and a passion for service drive our determination to perfect specialized products to meet our clients’ precise needs.

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Collective strength

Our across-the-board capability draws on deep roots in our community and an industry-wide network of experienced associates.

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Legendary service

Our clients are some of the world’s most discriminating - entrepreneurs and decision-makers who expect nothing but the best. That’s how we like it.

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Our team

We’re lucky to have some of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and just decent people you could meet. Most have been with us for years – discover why.

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Client testimonials

More eloquently than any advertising copy, our clients voice their opinions of our service – honest, direct and first-hand.

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