In-Force Management

We recognize the importance of ensuring that our valued existing clients receive every one of the benefits extended to new signings. For more than 25 years, we have used our leveraged strength as a pioneering member of the M Financial Group to enhance our in-force management service.

For example, M Financial operates on the principle that performance and cost should be measured over the life of a product, not just with an initial illustration or the first year premium. They continuously monitor the service, experience and performance of in-force business to ensure that proprietary products continue to be effective and good value.

When exceptional performance is identified, M Financial works with Partner Carriers to re-price the relevant products—for both new sales and in-force business. This approach is intended to ensure that both existing policy holders and new buyers have the opportunity to benefit from the improved pricing.

These price reductions have a long-term positive impact on M proprietary products. Compared with assumptions for original crediting or earned rates of return in all years, Thomas Financial clients have benefited substantially from these performance enhancements.

Examples include:

  • A 15–20% reduction in annual premium while still achieving a specified cash value target.
  • A 45–150 basis point increase in cash value internal rates of return (IRRs) at life expectancy (age 85).

In addition, given market volatility, performance enhancements on M proprietary products have worked partially to offset the impact of market declines, helping policies remain on track.

While these examples do not apply to all policies and may not be typical, they do illustrate M Financial’s diligent and continuous commitment to the highest quality of in-force management. They have the access, personnel and relationships to constantly monitor experience and policy performance to maximize value for our clients.