Scott Clemons

Wed. July 29 | 10:00 am PT

Investing in the Wake of a Pandemic

Scott Clemons, Chief Investment Strategist for Brown Brothers Harriman, examined the data around the pandemic’s effects on the economy. He also discussed the impact for insurance companies managing large amounts of money, what it means for your clients’ portfolios, and the silver linings generated by the recent rapid shift to digital engagement.

Scott Clemons, Brown Brothers Harriman, CFA

Scott Clemons joined Brown Brothers Harriman in 1990 and is the Chief Investment Strategist for their Private Banking business. He’s one of the firm’s primary thinkers, writers and speakers on topics related to the economy, financial markets and investing. Mr. Clemons began his BBH career in international equities, where he was an Analyst and Portfolio Manager for European and Asian equity strategies.