Jeff Bush

Wed. April 22 | 9:30 am PT

An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning

Jeff Bush and Andy Friedman have collaborated on a 2020 presentation that addresses all of the issues brought about by the recent coronavirus pandemic. In his April 22 presentation, Jeff explored the details of the coronavirus legislation, including how it affects individuals, small businesses, and industries. He also examined the legislation’s effect on other important concerns, such as the U.S. fiscal situation, U.S.-China relations, and the national election.

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Jeff Bush – The Washington Update

A dynamic and insightful speaker, Jeff Bush is known for his unique ability to decode difficult and confusing tax and fiscal information coming out of Washington. Jeff is a colleague of Andy Friedman and an integral part of The Washington Update, the industry thought leader that guides domestic clients through the complex and ever-changing political and tax environment and helps international audiences understand US politics.