Wealth Management

High net worth individuals and families enjoy great personal freedom and independence. At the same time, wealth engenders an astounding array of choices for capital investment, tax efficient investing, and creating an enduring legacy.

Thomas Financial asset management develops strategic solutions for the complex, long-term planning requirements of high net worth clients. Our sophisticated asset management solutions and financial services help support our clients’ lifestyles, capital assets, and philanthropic and family goals.

We combine deep technical experience with a client-centric network of professional relationships, leveraging the collective intelligence of a client’s advisors to generate thoughtful, collaborative advice.

As Investment Professionals, we sit on your side of the table, providing objective advice. This purposeful, team-oriented approach to investing is essential to creating your unique investment strategy.

Asset Management

We have found that overall performance of your diversified portfolio often depends more on how your investments are allocated than the individual investments. It isn’t only the investments you choose, but how those investments are allocated within your portfolio, that may make the difference in achieving your financial goals.

A diversified portfolio doesn’t assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Estate Planning

We offer a variety of services around estate and financial planning. The primary goal within our disciplined approach is to minimize estate tax and maximize the asset passed to future generations. Whether your concern is individual estate planning or corporate business succession planning, we can work closely with your attorney and/or accountant to help accomplish your long-term goals.

Asset Management Services

The best way an individual can plan for their future is to understand what services are available in the marketplace and how to leverage these resources. We offer insight to our clients as to the importance of having an investments and savings strategy to help attain their long-term financial goals.

We will work to develop a comprehensive plan that is based on asset accumulation and preservation based on widely accepted investment strategies. We do this through the following process:

  • Meet individually to discuss long-term goals
  • Evaluate the current financial situation
  • Develop a personal financial plan to help attain long-term goals
  • Implement the plan

Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning is an ongoing process, defined and directed by your personal and financial needs and goals, as well as your values. We believe that by taking the time to identify your objectives, you are more likely to develop a sound and workable financial plan which will help you to achieve your most important aspirations in the future. Financial goals, such as a child’s education, a financially independent retirement, and the transfer of assets on to heirs, may be similar for most people; however, your values and unique situation may require a more personalized financial planning process, specific to variables, such as your income, risk tolerance, commitments, and family.

By taking the time today to create a personal financial plan for your future, your goals become more attainable. Once you have identified and prioritized your goals, we will help construct a plan, establish effective strategies, and execute the plan with these considerations in mind. We are committed to working with you and your advisors throughout the financial planning process, as your plan will evolve with you and as your life changes.

Investment Approach

Thomas Financial follows a core investment philosophy. These fundamental principles guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.

  • Investments are used to achieve long-term goals, while savings are used for short-term goals.
  • Asset allocation, with a diversification among stock, bond and other markets, helps reduce risk.*
  • Investors should know how their investments fit into their portfolios and why they own particular assets.
  • Minimizing investment cost is crucial for long-term success.
  • An investor’s primary decisions involve choosing a mix of assets to be held in a portfolio, not the selection of individual investments.
  • Risk is multi-dimensional. Investors should weigh “shortfall risk” – the possibility that a portfolio may not meet long-term financial goals – against “market risk,” – the reality that returns may fluctuate.
  • Market-timing and performance-chasing are not part of a winning strategy.
*A diversified portfolio doesn’t assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Retirement Planning

Financing retirement has become increasingly complex and can cause unnecessary anxiety, especially for those who plan to access their retirement assets in the next several years. An array of investment options, combined with fluctuating interest and inflation rates and other variables, make it difficult to determine how much you will need, where you should invest, and to whom to turn for assistance.

The complex tax and legislative environment surrounding retirement planning only compounds the confusion. With qualified plans, such as IRA, pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans, the timing and amount of withdrawals are critical in order to avoid additional tax penalties. And if you have accumulated significant qualified plan assets, you may face additional problems, such as the “Double Tax Dilemma,” where the government can tax these assets twice.

To guide you through the complexity of retirement planning, our team is dedicated to help you:

  • Develop customized short- and long-term investment strategies based on your personal objectives, risk tolerance, time frame for accumulation, and current financial situation.
  • Work to help preserve and grow your net worth through investment opportunities and proper allocation and diversification of assets.*
  • Provide you with access to select investment vehicles, including those that offer tax-deferred accumulation and potential tax-free distributions.

We are prepared to deliver sophisticated individual and corporate solutions to help you reach your unique goals and needs for retirement.

*Diversification and asset allocation can potentially help mitigate losses, but cannot assure against market loss.

ZENdexSM Portfolios

Volatility is the new normal in today’s market. We can fear it, or we can embrace it.

A down market can be unsettling. Taking distributions during a decline can cause long-term damage to your portfolio, especially later in life.

A downturn can also be an opportunity if your portfolio is designed to capture it.

ZENdex Portfolios, offered exclusively through Thomas Financial, are designed to reduce the risks associated with periods of decline, take advantage of the subsequent recovery, and minimize the tax burden.

When you realize that volatility may do more to help you than to hurt you, you may begin to welcome it. Let us help position your portfolio to take advantage of it.

Worry Less | Enjoy More.